TMJ levies a publication fee.  We have altered our fee structure from October 2021.   A standard fee of $200 per paper now applies for established authors regardless of word count.  For university-enrolled undergraduates (including graduate medical students), MSc or PhD students of RACP clinical trainees (or equivalent trainees in other jurisdictions) this fee is reduced to $100.  Previous fee schedules should be ignored.

The discounted fee above only applies when the student or trainee is the lead author of the paper.  The Journal reserves the right to authenticate the author’s enrolment in the degree or training course but will usually accept this status on trust.

The publication fee becomes payable only after the paper is accepted for publication.  No fee applies if a paper is not accepted for publication.

The fee invoice is delivered to the corresponding author but payment is a joint responsibility of all authors and should be agreed between them in advance.  Payment may be delegated to a third party payer such a sponsor, hospital or academic institution. 

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