Tasman Medical Journal

ISSN:  2652-1881

Volume 2023 - Issue 1.

Exophiala xenobiotica, an opportunistic black yeast masquerading as a benign epidermoid cyst

Hina A Khan, Jean Iacobelli and Prasad Kumarasinghe


We present a case report of an unusual skin infection with Exophiala xenobiotica in a 56-year-old male who presented with a 1-year history of an asymptomatic lump on the right thigh. Excision biopsy revealed suppurative granulomatous inflammation with accompanying pigmented (dematiaceous) deep fungal infection. E. xenobiotica was cultured. This is a rare presentation which can be missed if tissue specimens are not sent for analysis.


Nursing a patient with Covid-19 infection

Robyn C Millar


The procedures to be followed by nursing staff caring for patients with Covid-19 coronavirus infection have not been emphasised.  Though care plans are likely to follow traditional treatment methods, nursing attitudes and methods may be affected by what is currently known about the nature of Covid-19 infection.  I describe the salient features of Covid-19 infection and how these affect bedside nursing care, including controversial areas such as control over patient visitors.   J Evidence-based Nurs Prac  2020: 1(1); 4-8, republished in Tasman Medical Journal 2023: 5(1); 5-9.


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