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Modelling community spread of Covid-19 without complex mathematics

Sophisticated mathematical modeling of epidemic or pandemic spread of infections is based on differential equations containing exponential functions. The sophistication of these models is essential but they have a disadvantage of being difficult or impossible to be understood by readers unfamiliar with advanced mathematics. I have developed a spreadsheet model to estimate infection rates and mortality with Covid-19 as a function of time using only a few simple assumptions.

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The “Fragility” of Stroke Thrombolysis

One of the negative consequences of the premature adoption of novel therapies is that subsequent research assumes its value and enhances it with faster and wider implementation. Stroke thrombolysis has promoted new systems of care for stroke, including the development of stroke centres, Telestroke services and stroke ambulances with CT scanners.

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Clinical Consequences of Non-Adherence with Current and Proposed Guidelines for Medical Thromboprophylaxis

Adherence to guidelines for thromboprophylaxis in medical patients (MT) using LMWH has been shown repeatedly to be poor.1-6 Improvement is possible using educational and marketing techniques, changing prescribing chart design, adding prescriber support, and repeated auditing, but this begs two questions, namely the reasons for poor adherence and the quality of the guidelines to which adherence is required.

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